Corbridge Festival - Doing Boho for Summer

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Dendritic Opal and Oxidised Sterling Silver Pendant

 The Corbridge Festival happen two weekends ago and I was lucky enough to see Craig Charles DJ set. All over the country there are loads of festivals going on and it gets me thinking about all of the latest festival fashions that are in this year. 
In Corbridge there was lots of glitter, denim and funky trilby hats and that was just the men.

In terms of jewellery a festival isn't the best place to wear your diamonds and pearls so best to opt for something a bit more alternative that will go with cut-off shorts and t-shirts.

Just as well we like to do alternative and one-off then.

The first piece I'd recommend with jeans and a t-shirt is the above pictured pendant, a dendritic opal set in oxidised sterling silver with silver studs off-set on the side. This pendant is big and is on a long large loop chain which we have also discovered, can be looped up double to make a short necklace too.
This is our planet pendant, made in sterling silver with a variety of differing 'globes' in the centre.
This pendant has a dark green malachite stone which spins on it axis. Good for fiddling with.
This pendant is also available on a long silver chain.

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