What are Keshi Pearls?

Monday, June 05, 2017

Keshi pearls have increased in their popularity over the last few years in the shop, we seem to be selling more and more of these gorgeous petal shaped pearls but what are they exactly and why are different from the usual pearls on offer?

Keshi Pearls

Technically Keshi pearls are the by-product of the pearl farming industry as they are formed when the bead nucleus in the oyster shell is rejected. Beads are typically introduced into an oyster shell to encourage nacre to form around the bead, rather than forming naturally (and rarely) like a natural pearl formed around a grain of sand. Nacre forms in an irregular shape in the Keshi pearls case to form a non typical pearl. 
Originally viewed as a by product, Keshi Pearls are now seen as an acceptable pearl product in the jewellery trade. 

The word Keshi means 'Poppy seed' in Japanese, but we describe these pearls as being more like petals in their appearance. Each pearl is delicate and are all unique in their form and the colour of each pearl can vary massively. The variation comes from being entirely composed of nacre which gives them their lovely lustre and shimmering quality. 

We make simple Keshi pearl necklaces and bracelets as the pearls are so pretty on their own, they don't need much adding to them. Initially, we made most of our bracelet and necklaces in cream which makes a fabulous Bridal set but more recently we acquired some unusual dark green Keshi pearls that sat well with navy and grey pearls to make some slightly more unusual pieces. 

If you like the sound of Keshi pearls but don't want to have a necklace or bracelet, the perfect entry point is a simple pair of cream studs, so much more interesting than the normal spherical pearl. 
Contact the shop if you fancy a pair, we usually have a few pairs in stock. 

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