January Birthstone - Garnet

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Silver teardrop pendant with rose gold setting and garnet stone
We are flying through the first month of the 2017 and about time the blog was updated with the birthstone of all of those born in January.

January's birthstone is Garnet, traditionally recognised as a dark red colour, garnet stones are actually formed in all different sorts of colours. We have had beautiful green garnets in the shop which were very unusually and a lovely mossy green.

Garnet was very popular with the Victorians, particularly set into rose gold. If it is good enough for the Victorians it is good enough for us, so we have just finished this silver and rose gold pendant set with a lovely 5mm wide faceted garnet.

This pendant is now available in the shop and should be on the website shortly.
If you are interested in the pendant or a similar style but with a different stone, we have another we are about to set and haven't decided on the stone to go in it yet, let us know.


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