November Birthstone - Topaz

Thursday, November 17, 2016

We are half way through November and it seems as though the Christmas orders have officially started here at Kirsty Taylor Jewellery! Beth and I are busy making as many commission pieces as quickly as possible at the moment so we have plenty of free time to accomodate last minute orders and requests, we hate to turn anyone away.
Having said that our Commission deadline this year is Saturday 3rd December which is 2 weeks away. If you catch me or Beth at the right time past this deadline we can usually be persuaded to help.

November is the month of cozy fires, autumn leaves and soggy walks as this year is no except so far. Goodness know why the birthstone is a gorgeous blue!

These earrings are London Blue Topaz, treated in such a way to produce this vibrant bluey green, similar to a Bombay Gin Bottle. These dished earrings I used to make a long time ago and have recently decided to resurrect this design with rubies, sapphire and emeralds. They have been started but aren't ready to be photographed yet, so look out for those on the website.

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