Recycling Old Jewellery in to New

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Earlier this summer we completed a commission from a lovely local lady who had a collection of old pieces that she had inherited from her Mother.
The pieces included a rose gold hollow bangle, gold brooch (also hollow) and 3 rings of various carats and set with diamond, sapphires, pearls and possibly emeralds.
See the picture.
After a few initial ideas it was decided that a stacking ring set would be a good idea and would mean that the stones could be used as well as the metal.
The great thing with a stacking ring set is that the impact of all of the rings is fabulous, but they can be worn individually too to change the look.
All of the stone were removed from the gold and all of the pieces were thoroughly cleaned to remove ages of dirt.
After the clean all of the pieces were added to the melting pot and were all melted down. The colour of gold resulting was a little surprising as we had anticipated that the colour would be yellow as the rings and the brooch were, but the colour produced was a fantastic soft warm pink.
It would be classified as rose gold, but not as strong as modern rose gold.
The metal was then rolled down into fine wire and then bent and soldered to form rings.
We decided to use the largest pearl from the rings and the sapphire aswell as some of the diamonds and emeralds.
We hit a small issue with the emeralds, taking them out of the ring, as they were damaged and irregular cut, we suspect that they may have been glass rather than emerald, which is a shame.
We made settings for the pearl and sapphire and finished setingt the diamonds in a more traditional but very pretty setting style.
The last ring was given a hammered finish to complete the set.

And here was the customers reaction:
"Just say thank you so much for the wonderful work you have done for me.  I didn’t imagine that the final look of the commissioned rings would be so stunning!!

The old jewellery had sat in a box for nearly 8 years since Mum passed and to think I could have been enjoying wearing such beautiful rings in that time.  They are absolutely gorgeous, superb craftswoman-ship and beautiful to wear."

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