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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Remodelling Jewellery

Ring to be remodelled
If you have jewellery or family heirlooms that need a new lease of life, then why not chat to our experienced goldsmiths about remodelling.  It’s a very popular way to have something new from something old, in a stylish design that you can wear and love forever. 

You can opt for a contemporary design over something that is out of fashion.  Or remodel a sentimental piece of jewellery so it can be worn and admired.  If you have several pieces of broken jewellery, spare earrings, chain etc we can put these items towards your new stunning jewellery commission.

Remodelling jewellery has become more popular than scrapping gold for cash and we can reuse most carats of gold.  Silver is a little more technically difficult as the labour hours may cost more than the price of the silver to be reused.  However, we maybe able to remodel it if it has a high sentimental value.
Jewellery Remodelling
For Platinum, Palladium or White gold we can melt them down, but they are can be prone to cracking when remodelled extensively.  For metals we can’t use there is always an option for us to scrap them for you, and the cost put towards your beautiful new piece of jewellery.


Jewellery Remodelling Process

The first step is to take your jewellery along so our goldsmiths can have a look at the pieces, and give you an indication of what can be achieved.

Emerald & Silver Necklace
Emerald & Silver Necklace

Then we collectively decide on a design to be used.  This is the fun part.  You may have an idea already of what style you love, or suits you best.  We are always open to ideas, photos or sketches from our customers.  Or our jewellers can make some excellent suggestions as well.

Once the design is agreed we will give you an accurate quote for the work, and you can let us know any deadlines.  It’s as simple as that.

To confirm a remodelling commission we normally take a 30% deposit to start work.  Then the full payment is due on completion.

It’s a fun and exciting process, and something we help with every step of the way so you are in safe hands.   

Please contact us with any questions or if you would like to chat about a commission.  You can email us on Kirsty@kirstytaylorjewellery, call us on 01343 633000, or pop into our Corbridge shop.  Here's a few more Kirsty Taylor Taylor Remodelling examples.

Jewellery Remodelling Examples

This fabulous Diamond ring on the left was made from broken and unworn jewellery.  The diamonds were taken out, and remodelled to suit the customers style.  Into this fresh, stunning white gold diamond ring.  Truly a unique and statement ring, one of a kind.

The chunky men's signet ring was again made from unworn gold pieces that were passed down the generations.  The pieces were melted down to create this stunning gold ring.  Then the family Coat of Arms was engraved onto the surface of the ring.  A wonderful commission for a milestone Birthday.

A customer came in with pieces of jewellery to reuse from necklaces, bracelets and old rings.  She wanted something very individual, with vibrant colour and unique style.  A real show stopper of a ring was handcrafted, with the most amazing rubies and diamonds.  She was over the moon with her bespoke gold ring and gemstone commission.

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