Engraving: How to choose the perfect style for you...

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Engraving: How to choose the perfect engraved style for you.

There are many different styles and types of engraving that we are able to offer to personalise a piece of jewellery. From very personal messages to abstract designs and patterns, we are able to produce a wide range of styles and techniques when it comes to choosing a design.  Below are some samples of previous commission work to show you exactly what can be achieved.

1) Hand engraved patterns, swirls and leaves. We use a top hand engraver. They are incredibly rare beasts in the jewellery kingdom. Hand engravers can trained for up to 7 years to perfect their skill, so no wonder they are a rare treat.

This rose gold ring on the right was engraved for us.  We simply allowed the engraver to work his magic and do what he thought was best. As you can see he didn’t let us down producing this beautiful design.

2) Hand engraved dates and names. Again we use a hand engraver (after all could a machine get into the inside of a tiny ring and create a work of art like this?).  This option is very popular for wedding and engagement rings and will last a lifetime. For this style of engraving we would suggest script or capitals.
3) Hand engraved Roman Numerals.  Fantastic particularly for Men’s gifts, and the hand engraving just gives add a final touch of class.  Its good if you want to give a subtle private message to someone, without having it on display for everyone to see.  

4) Free Hand stamping. If you are looking for a bit of personalisation and don’t mind a bit of quirkiness (and like the free option!) then hand stamping is for you. We do this in our workshop and can add it to most things.  If you want it on the inside of a ring remember to let us know before we make the ring as we need to stamp the message on before the ring is constructed. 

5)  Kirsty's own hand writing.  Using a very tiny ball burr on a drill we use our special close up googles, and our best joined up handwriting to write a message.  We like quirky and we like handmade, and if you like your pieces to be unique then this is a good option.

Here's a few other examples that will hopefully give you a bit of inspiration.

If you would like to chat about the engraving options please get in touch for more details.

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