Rose Gold

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Rose gold is enjoying a renaissance at the moment in everything from interiors to clothes to jewellery. This gorgeous warm tone is just a little shy of copper with a slightly warmer tone and works well with a whole variety of other colours adding a little sophistication.

Rose gold metal is created by the introduction of copper to a gold alloy and is one of the rare alloys that looks best in a lower carat, as there is more copper in the alloy. That's in our humble opinion anyway!

Rose gold looks great mixed up with a white metal and has proven to be really popular as a choice for a wedding band this year.

If you are looking for some further Rose Gold inspiration, have a look at our Pinterest Rose Gold Board and follow us to see some sources of inspiration for our jewellery and pieces of jewellery that we have made. Click here

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  1. There are available most popular colors of gold, yellow and rose. A yellow gold color is the most traditional but today rose gold is also using in recent bridal jewelry.
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