Gold Filled Jewellery - What is it?

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Yesterday I dashed out to do a bit of shopping and was flabbergasted at the amount of gold jewellery on offer at the moment. It's really on trend, particularly rose gold. But is it real gold? 
There seems to be a lack of information about the gold jewellery that is on offer and it is somewhat misleading when the item is gold coloured, but the price doesn't reflect the fact that it is real gold. 
So, I've done a bit of research (as I was getting in a real pickle too about all of the different terms and it's my job to know!!!) and here is a guide to what it all means. 

Gold filled: The most modern term currently being used and it is a bonded layer of gold over a base metal material such as brass or copper. The gold is atleast 5% of the overall weight of the item. 
Gold plate: A thin layer of gold is applied or electroplated onto the item. 

Rolled gold: one of the first processes to bond gold mechanically or heat fused onto base metal. It was bonded and then rolled out into sheets to make jewellery. The thickness of the layer can vary.

Vermeil:  Much the same as gold plate, but tends to be used on larger decorative items. 

The good thing about Gold Filled jewellery is that because the layer of gold is a little thicker than in gold plated jewellery, it tends to last a lot longer, but you must be careful when cleaning your jewellery as it doesn't like chemical cleaners or polishing. 

Petal Rings

 Having said all that, we don't do gold filled! 
The real thing is much better!


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