Revamped Pebble Collection

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Pebble Collection was started about 4 years ago when a friend had a little girl and I wanted to make a little something with her daughters' initial on and an Aquamarine (March birthstone) charm. 
The little pebble was made by melting down some silver until it formed a little 'pebble'. The pebble was then hammered flat slightly, had a jump ring soldered onto it and then lightly polished and stamped with an initial letter. A for Amelia. 
From this starting point we produced the entire alphabet and then slowly added some images and numbers as demand increased. 
We also decided to use uniform and real gemstones for the birthstone charms, with the exception of a diamond for April (we use rock crystal). 
The collection has gone from strength to strength but each pebble was quite labour intensive to make each one by hand and some of our customers didn't like the irregular nature of the pebbles. 
So at the start of the year we explored using little silver disks which are all uniform and look great all stacked up together. 
We have now update our website with all of the pebble choices, chains and birthstones and have provided a few ready made options. 
Have a look and let us know what you think! 

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