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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

 October Birthstone - Opal

For anyone born in October their birthstone is the beautiful Opal.    This gemstone is available as Fire Opals, Black Opals, White and Water Opals each with its own distinct measure of colour and unique inclusions.  The most valuable gems come from Australia, Queensland and New South Wales.  In 1954 Queen Elizabeth II was presented with the Andamooka Opal to mark her first official visit to the country.  This stunning Opal on the left, was set in palladium and is accompanies by some beautiful sparkly diamonds.

The worlds most valuable opal was found in an opal field in the mining town of Coober Pedy, Australia.  It is called The Olympic Australis Opal as it was found at the time when the Olympic Games were taking place in Melbourne.   It is estimated to be valued at around A$2,500,000 (GBP £1,357,696.36) and measures 280mm x 120mm x 115mm, and is a staggering 17,000 carats.  This incredible opal has been left unpolished and uncut so visitors can appreciate the gem in its natural state, as it was found.  Its currently on display at the offices of Altmann & Cherny Ltd in Sydney.

Here are a few of our recent Opal commissions including a stunning Opal ring, vibrant blue Opal pendant, Boulder Opal drop earrings and a large Boulder Opal Pendant.   We like to work with exceptionally special gemstones including the Boulder Opals.  They are normally distinguished by a layer of brown ironstone on the back of the gem.  The opal is encased inside the ironstone giving a naturally organic and rustic look.  Where possible we like to display both sides of the gem so the Opal colour, and ironstone can both be enjoyed.  After all its mother nature at her finest. 

The Australian Boulder Opals are the second most valuable type of gem, the Black Opal being the first.  They are cut from underground ironstone boulders and normally display a full spectrum of colour.  The earrings on the left are two long nuggets of Boulder Opals set in silver with captivating blue/green hues.  The pendant at the top right is a Boulder Opal with a surround silver setting which allows the ironstone to be visible underneath.   

 If you would like any more details on our October Birthstone, or would like to commission a special Birthday gift then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Opal Ring Commission - How is it done?

  • Request an interest in shop/online
  • We order in Opals for you to choose from
  • We give you a quote for the work
  • We set the stone in the ring width/size/metal of your choice
  • You give it a good home with plenty of outings and showings off

Thanks for reading!

Kirsty Taylor and Team

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