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Star Sapphire

September Birthstone - Sapphire

September can be an exciting month for some, with kids going back to school and others getting ready to start university.  That's why we believe this months Birthstone a Sapphire, symbolises change and exhilarating potential. 

Sapphires are traditionally known for their stunning deep blue colours and range from pale to indigo blue.  They are also available in black, purple, violet, green, dark grey, yellow, orange, peach and white. 

Princess Diana's Engagement Ring
Princess Diana's Ring
One of the most unusual types is a "Star Sapphire" exhibiting an exquisite star-like phenomenon at its centre.  These gems are much sought after as they give a romantic and enchanting appearance of a star shining with the light of the moon. 

Other famous Sapphires is the one given to Princess Diana on her engagement, now worn by Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge.  This beautiful classic design is made from white gold with 14 diamonds and a fabulous oval Sapphire.  Prince Charles paid around £29,000 for the ring and today its estimated to be worth over £250,000 due to its history.
Kirsty Taylor Jewellery Sapphire Rings
Sapphire Rings

Over the past 10 years we have commissioned Sapphire rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.  They are a popular choice for anyone who adores their deep rich colours.  They especially look exquisite in engagement, wedding or eternity rings.

If you love hopelessly romantic jewellery then perhaps a different blue gemstone would keep your bank manager happy.  Tourmalines are available in pink, green and blue and make an excellent choice.  These Leaf rings were made as wedding and engagement rings each unique and hand engraved.

Kirsty Taylor Jewellery Leaf Rings
Blue Tourmaline
This deep blue ring on the left is made from a Kyanite gemstone.  It has streaks and flashes of light blue hidden and visible from different angles.  It is set on silver with a thick band.  The design is bold and dramatic and ideal for anyone who loves unusual statement pieces of jewellery. 

Sapphires can be dated back to 800 BC.  They were worn as a talisman to ward off illness, and by travellers hoping to be kept safe on their adventures.  This popularity have continued to the present day where people buy Sapphire charms before they set off on long journeys.  Our Birthstone charms are one of the most popular jewellery pieces and can be worn on necklaces, bracelets or kept on key-rings.

If you have any questions on our Sapphire or other gemstone jewellery please don't hesitate to get in touch.  We'll leave you with an image of another world famous gem the "Logan Sapphire."  It's a flawless cushion-cut stone weighing approximately 422.99 carats (84.6g) almost the size of an egg.  It was donated to the Smithsonian Institute by Mrs. John Logan in 1960 for everyone to enjoy.  We hope you like it too.

Kirsty and Team

Logan Sapphire

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