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Pearls - June Birthstone

Stunning set for a Pearl lover
Fashion icon Jackie Kennedy once said "Pearls are always appropriate" and we tend to agree with her.  Freshwater pearls are among some of the most versatile and popular gems used in jewellery today.  They are the second best selling gemstone after diamonds.  They can be set in rings, bracelets, necklaces or earrings.  They can be worn in more traditional designs as strands of classic and beautiful pearls on necklaces, or in more contemporary settings.

Pearls are often handed down the generations from grandmothers to daughters.  They have become more popular since the return to the fashionable Vintage era.  Many famous people including Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, Lady Diana and the Queen have each at some point in their lives worn fabulous breathtaking pearl jewellery.
Engagement/Wedding Ring June 2014

Pearls are mentioned in the New Testament, Islamic, Hebrew and Hindu scriptures.  In the 12th/13th century the Chinese created the first 'cultured Pearl' and today they are found in the Indian Ocean, coastal waters of East Africa, Australia, South Pacific, USA and Europe.  Pearls are even found a little closer to home, like the River Conway in Wales, and the Tay and Spey in Scotland.

They are often valued by 4 main areas, their lustre which can be the most important, colour, size and presence of flaws.  We work with beautiful freshwater pearls of all shapes and sizes.  From the near perfect round white pearls, to the unusual baroque style, as beauty is often found in imperfection.  This fabulous ring was commissioned for a wedding in June this year.  The lady wanted something very organic, contemporary, yet exceptionally unique.  We used a stunning rough diamond, with diamonds and freshwater pearls dotted around the band.  The finish and texture give a natural look, almost like precious little sea urchins on a ship wreck. most popular pearls we work with are the distinctive coloured pearls.  A tiny dye is added to the young pearl, and the colour grows with it so each has its own unique shade and shape.  No two pearls are ever the same.  We have beautiful sea greens, blues, silvery greys, golds, pinks, peach, cream and white.

Our June wedding season is well and truly upon us with most brides opting for luxurious pearl necklaces and earrings.  We even have matching pearl bracelets for bridesmaids, flower girls and mother-of-the-bride.  Pearls are said to bring happiness, wealth and peace of mind to their owners.

If you have inherited your grandmothers pearls then be sure to store them properly.  Keep them in containers where they can breath, and away from direct sunlight or heat.  Never use harsh chemicals around them, like hairspray, perfume or oils and creams.  When getting ready they should be the last thing you put on, and the first thing you take off.  We offer pearl re-stringing in the shop in Corbridge so if your necklace is broken or needs restrung then bring them to us for some TLC.

If you have any questions on our freshwater pearls then just get in touch for more details.  You can call us on 01434 633000, email or pop in to the shop.

Best wishes

Kirsty Taylor and Team

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