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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

If you are looking for that exclusive designer gift then look no further than our exquisite Pyrrha necklaces at Kirsty Taylor Jewellery.

Grace, Beauty & Freedom
The Pyrrha collection has been a popular choice with our customers and celebrities alike.  Jennifer Lawrence who won the “Best Actress” Oscar was seen wearing the “Never Look Back” necklace the night after the awards.  Other celebs include Josh Hutcherson from Hunger Games, Katie Holmes, Julia Roberts and even Brad and Angelina.  

Our Pyrrha has been flying off the shelves for milestone birthdays, anniversaries and just simply down to owning a piece of stunning handcrafted jewellery that tells a story.  A gift that can be handed down the generations.   

They are meticulously cast in silver and bronze from 19th Century wax seals.  Only the seals with superior natural beauty and gravity of meaning are selected making each piece a stunning creation.  Each seal is steeped in history, and comes with its own identity card, giving spirit to the jewellery.
Pyrrha is individual, thoughtfully handcrafted and is the perfect stylish heirloom to add to your jewellery collection.  Visit us in store to appreciate the craftsmanship or browse our Kirsty Taylor Jewellery facebook page for stunning images.

We are privileged and proud to offer you the: 

Fox Head – The fox is well known for its cunning wit and resourceful nature.  It represents a clever individual with strategic talent and sharp judgement (£99).

Knowledge, Wisdom
Owl – The owl represents knowledge and wisdom.  Owls were believed to have the ability to see what is hidden (£99).
Scissors – Inscribed on this seal is “We part to meet again” (£99).

Colt – Horses symbolise grace, beauty and freedom (£102 in silver or bronze)

Anchor – The anchor is symbolic of optimism and refuge.  The inscription reads “Still Have Hope” (£114).

Strength, Intelligence
Keeper – The wolf is a symbol of strength, intelligence and courage and is seen as a guardian through long sieges or hardship (£148).

Happiness is Enough
Happiness - Reads "Contentment Est Assiz" in French "Happiness is Enough."  The star on the shield represents celestial goodness: the stag peace & harmony (£168).

If you would like one of our Pyrrha pieces then please don't hesitate to get in touch.  Over Easter we are offering 10% off our Pyrrha pieces so don't delay if you would like to own one of these beauties.  You can call us, send us an email or pop into the shop: it would be lovely to see you.

With Easter almost upon us we have lots of new collections about to hit the shop in the coming weeks.  We will also be attending the British Craft Trade Fair at Harrogate on 7th - 9th April.  Watch this space for more details on other 2013 events and collections.

Best wishes


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