Unilever Commission

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Silver Unilever Logo Birds with Blue Enamel
Silver cast bird
The first wax model
First sample pair
Close up of sample pair

Rusty bird impression

Preparing to be soldered

Dividing up the process

Brushing in the enamel

My work bench and birds

Fresh out of the kiln

200 Boxes to be filled

In 2011, Art for Conferences was engaged by Unilever to produce a distinctive, artist designed corporate gift for senior managers, directors and key clients worldwide.  This unique and bespoke design for high quality sterling silver and blue enamel earrings was inspired by the Company’s logo.  Commissioned by Art for Conferences, the earrings were designed and produced in North East England by artist/designer, Claudia Rankin www.claudiarankin.co.uk  and jeweller, Kirsty Taylor www.kirstytaylorjewellery.com  

 “These earrings are very pretty, unique and truly special.” 
Wendy, a Unilever employee
 “These charming earrings are a perfect size and are beautifully made.” 
Katie, a Unilever partner

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  1. Wowee! They look stunning! SO much work. Very well done :)


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