How we make it. Part two

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Here we are!

One finished (it has a few tweaks after this photo was taken!) 9ct yellow gold Opal Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring handmade just for the lovely Cate.

In the end we managed to use the original setting of the Opal in the ring, which is great, a little more of the sentiment is retained.

So after the handcrafted wax model stage, the bespoke rings were sent to be cast in gold and upon there return they were filed to the right size, shape and finish. The rings were then sent to be scraped and tested at the Birmingham Assay Office where my hallmark is registered.

Once they were returned from hallmarking, the wedding ring was polished and then given a hammered finish before having it's final polish. The Engagement ring has it's setting sorted out and was then cleaned and polished before the Opal was set.

Setting the stone is usually the very last thing to happen, I usually get too impatient at this stage and want to see the stone in the ring, but as soon as this Opal was set in, there was no going back, or easy way to get it back out again! The setting must be absolutely spot on.

The wedding ring was then shaped a little more (after this photo) as I was not happy with the way the two rings were not fully interlocking.

And so the Engagement ring can be found on Cate's finger, and the wedding ring will have to wait a little while before the two rings are married up together forever.

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  1. Stunning! Completely unique. Lovely to hear all about the process of making it, must give you lots of satisfaction to product something that you know will be treasured :)

  2. Initial Rings for Women i'd like your blog! excellent! thanks share your wonderful rings with us.


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