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Sunday, September 18, 2011

This is a wax model of an engagement and wedding ring made for a customer.

The Engagement ring has been designed to incorporate a beautiful teardrop shaped opal stone which means a lot to the customer. The Wedding Ring has been to fit around the asymmetrical Engagement Ring but is actually perfectly symmetrical and so would look great worn on it's own. 

These are the final wax models, cut roughly from a wax block, filed into a rough shape and style and then carefully filed and carved into the precise shape. Working with wax is a delicate process as too much pressure can result in the wax snapping as it becomes thinner.

The wax modelling process means that we can create a unique and very precise model which can then be later cast in whatever metal is preferred. The wax model is sent off to the casters who create a rubber mould from the wax and then fill the cavity in the rubber mould with the required metal.
Once it returns from the casters in it's rough form it is then cleaned up and hallmarked and then polished and the stone set last of all.

This ring has been specially made for the customer and is a true on-off design. Once the wax has been use to create the actual metal rings the mould will be destroyed.

These models have now been sent off and are going to be produced in 9ct yellow gold, watch this space for the next stage.

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