Gold Leaf Wedding Rings

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Made for Carmen and Roger (who are due to be wed this week!) these gold leaf rings were based on an old design and given a distinctive, individual customisation.

Carmen's ring has been given a slight twist, with the leaf following the shape of the ring. It has been designed to sit on it's own, but would look great with a corresponding twist ring to make a set.

Roger's ring has an engraved leaf on his ring making the two rings a matching pair. Usually I would send any engraving to a specialist, but on this occasion I gave it a go and I'm pleased with the results!

We also used some old 9ct yellow gold which Carmen no longer needed. We melted down an old 21st Birthday gift into sheet which was then used to make the cut-out leaf on top of her ring and also to make 3 further leaves which were used in a matching necklace.

By doing this we reduced the cost (as gold is currently at an all time high!) and kept the meaning and significance of the gift in an updated form.

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