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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Last night I went to a talk at the Designed and Made.

In a nut shell Designed & Made nurtures, supports and exhibits clever and interesting stuff that has been designed or made in the North East of England. Designed and Made aims to exhibit, promote, nurture, debate and support good quality craft and design.

Tucked away in a cosy studio last night with Samosa's and beer, Jan Hinchcliffe-McCutcheon shared her experiences of having a stand at the London Craft Fair, Origin and the New York International Gift Fair. We learnt about the pro's and con's of these individual fairs and the numerous things that go on behind the scenes of getting the stand set up.

Funnily enough the application form for Origin landed in my inbox the day before the talk (I've not signed up to receive this information).

Last night I was listing my excuses not to apply, one of which was that I have no prior exhibiting experience, when Lianne Bell mentioned that Origin has a New Makers Initiative.

There goes one excuse.

The second excuse was the photography element, which seems to be critical for a successful application. A jeweller specific photographer emailed me this morning.

Better start working towards the Origin application then. 

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