Winter Collection Launch

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

On friday night it was the Winter Collection launch here at the shop.

We had lots of familiar and some not so familiar faces turn up to see the new collection: Doric and Aureole and see some of the other new pieces that have been made recently that haven't been shouted about as much.

The Doric collection was displayed in an old glass cabinet which I put a load of branches in from the old shop that were sprayed silver and gold. The Doric collection was then hung off the branches, with the stud earrings and rings suspended with invisible thread. It is the first time that this cabinet has actually looked stunning.
Only trouble is everything is so delicately balanced, if someone wanted to buy anything then it would upset the whole display!

The Aureole collection went down well and I managed to create a few additional pieces to add to the collection on the run up to the launch (silver engraved star pendant, earrings and bracelet), and sold a pair of these too!
There are still a few gaps in this collection, which I hope to add to over time, I wear a ring everyday which would tie in perfectly with this collection and offer an alternative to the chunky Sealed rings.

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