Silver Lace Bracelet

Saturday, February 13, 2010

It is Saturday. The shop is quiet, so I'm doing all those boring jobs I try to avoid normally, so I'm catching up on some photographs.

This is a bracelet that was made before Christmas, but took an age to figure out how to finish the catch end off. But here it is, silver panels rolled with lace. Each of the panels are different, some have flowers, others have patterns. The lace I used was synthetic (got to save the old stuff!) and was completely mangled into its plastic form after I had finished with it!

This bracelet is a pretty snug fit, but I have another size available.

Possibly this may have a necklace to match one day. When I have time. And a rolling mill.

This bracelet is £235, and the larger size is £250, and is laser hallmarked on each panel.

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